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The KidsRoom guides children through an interactive, imaginative adventure. Our goal was to design a story that takes place in a real physical space that is "transformed" into an imagination playspace. During the story, children interact with objects in the room, with one another, and with virtual creatures projected onto the walls.

The story, inspired by Peter Pan, Bedknobs and Broomsticks, and Where the Wild Things Are, begins in a child's bedroom. Once the children have discovered the magic word by "asking" the furniture, they are told to go to bed. When they scream the magic word, the room transforms into a mystical forest world. The children must stay in a group and follow a path to the river. Along the way, they encounter monsters growing and must quickly hide. After a short walk, the children reach the river world, and the "magic bed" becomes a boat. The children climb on the "boat" and paddle to make it go, avoiding obstacles in the river by collaborative rowing. Finally, the children reach the monster world. After being introduced to the monsters, the monsters show the children some dance moves, and then the monsters mimic the children as they do them. Finally, the kids are once again told to go to bed, and the adventure ends as the room transforms back to a bedroom again.

The following pages will take you through the KidsRoom story.

Image of bedroom wallBedroom

Forest WorldImage of the forest

Image of the riverRiver World

MonsterLandImage of a monster

The End

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