Image of the bedroom wallThe Bedroom

The story begins in the bedroom. The screens show images of bedroom walls.

Before entering the room, the children are told to "ask the green cabinet for the magic password."

Kids run to the green cabinet Green cabinet: "Howdy, I'm the green cabinet. I don't know the magic word, but the frog on the rug might know."
Kid jumps over to the frog rug Green frog: "Greetings from frogville. No magic words today, my chum. Skedattle over to the yellow shelf, and see what gives."

The kids forget where to go. A few seconds pass.

Yellow shelf: "Hey sweetheard, over here, the yellow bookshelf."

Thee kids listen to the yellow shelf Yellow shelf: "Oh, hi. Sorry hun. I got no word for ya on my shelves. Listen doll, try checkin in with the red chest."
Kids listen to the red chest Red chest: "Argh mateys! I'm the pirate chest. I don't know the magic word. Go see the blue desk."
Kids at the blue desk Blue desk: "Yeah, I'm the blue desk. I got good news for ya. Ya ready for the magic word? It happens to be, Shamalamadingdong."
Kids dancing All the furniture chant the magic word. Shamalamadingdong, shamalamadingdong, ...

Background music stops abruptly.

Mom: "You kids have been playing around long enough. Now go to bed, and be still!"

Not everyone gets on the bed Not everyone gets on the bed.

Mom: "I'm not fooling around!. You don't want me to come up there do you? Now get on that bed. All of you!"

Lights fade out. Spotlight on monster on the wall.  
Blinking monster highlighted on wall Monster: "Hey gang? Wanna go on a big adventure? Then shout out the magic word on the count of three. One ... two ... three!"

Wimpy shout.

Monster: "Try that shout one more time when I say three. Ready? One ... two ... three!"

Loud shout. A transformation begins...

Room: "Welcome to the KidsRoom. It's not what
it seems. What you might see here, are things
dreamt in your dreams."
Lighting transition
Screen 1 transition from bedroom to forest Screen 2 transition from bedroom to forest

Jungle sounds fade in.

QuickTime movie with audio of the bedroom world

Go to the Forest World

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