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Room: "Welcome to the forest deep, where monsters have been known to creep. Take care while you explore things here. Monsters get mad if you get too near!"

Gif animation of blinking eyes in left forest Gif animation of blinking eyes in right forest
Kids lying on bed Room: "To follow the dotted path would be my hunch. And stay close together, in a small bunch."

Room: "C'mon, c'mon, stay close together. Get to the river, it's now or never."

Still on the bed Hint: "Keep going to the river."
Not in a group Hint: "Stay in a group."
Someone off the path Hint: "Stay on the path."

Monster growls.

Room: "The monsters are mad, they're coming to get you. Get behind the bed quick! It's there to protect you!"

Hiding behind the bed Lullaby starts. Monsters snoring.

Room: "You've done very well. You've tired them sick, but you still must get out of the woods super quick. Get back together and continue your creeping, but only when monsters are snoring and sleeping."

Nobody moves.

Hint: "Keep following the path."

Walking in a group on the path Yawning. Monster growls.

Room: "The sleeping monsters are now awake! Run to the other side of the bed, for Pete's sake."

Behind the bed again Growling stops when behind bed.

Hint: "Keep following the path. You're almost to the river."

Running on path to the river Hint: "Run to the river!"

Water sounds.

Hint: "Run fast to the river."

The river Room: "You've certainly managed a glorious act. You've arrived at the river, and you're still intact."

QuickTime movie of the forest world

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