River World
Three kids pushing the bed to center of the room Room: "Your magic bed is now a boat. Push the bed to the center of the room and then, jump inside."
Three kids on bed with feet out River music starts.

Room: "Now tuck your hands and feet right in. The hungry sharks are eager to sin."

Two kids in boat Room: "Great job, my friends. Now it's time to row, everyone paddle to make the boat go."
(Click for animation)Quicktime plug-in required
River images move when people start rowing and move faster with faster rowing.

Room: "If some big thing should block you fast, paddling all on one side will get you past."

Two kids row fast on the correct side of the boat Everyone rows on the correct side and the rock is avoided.

Hint: "That's the way!"

Three kids on boat when boat hits a rock Not everyone rows correctly or fast enough.

The boat crashes.

Three kids rowing on the bed Room: "Finally, we've come to land. Push the boat towards the trees, onto the sand."
Pushing the bed towards the trees Mom: "Who's moving furniture up there. You put that right back where it was."
The bed is not back in original location Hint: "Put the bed back. The bed belongs next to the elephant rug."
Moved bed back to original position next to elephant rug Soft monster growling is heard.

QuickTime movie with sound of the river world.

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