Forest animation Room: "Welcome to MonsterLand. It's a great spot. Time to have fun, ready or not."

Monsters are growling softly.

Monster dance animation Loud roars and monsters appear.

Room: "The monsters here are a real riot. Just raise your hands and shout 'be quiet!'"

Kids: "Be quiet."

Kids shouting together Room: "Get those monsters back in line. Try that shout one more time."
Monster reacting to loud shout animation Kids: "BE QUIET!"
  All monsters: "Hey! It's time to party!"

Room: "The monsters invite you to shimmy and dance. Go stand on your rug and you'll get your chance."

Room: "Always face the monster that's closest to you, and get ready to do what the monsters do."

Two kids on one rug Monster: "Hey, only one kid per rug please, sos we can see what's goin' on."
One kid off a rug Monster: "Hey, be sure to stay on your rug there, thanks a lot."
Monster crouching animation Monster 1 : "Hey, I'm going to do a crouch. You watch me first, then you try it. To do it right, crouch down and touch your toes."

Monster 1 : "Your turn."

Kid on the red rug crouching Monster 1 : "Yo! Kid on the red rug, you dance like a pro!"
Monster doing Y move animation Monster 2 : "Check it out. Now I'm gonna do the Y. You watch me do it, then you try. The way to do it is, throw your arms up and make a Y."

Monster 2 : "Ready? Go!"

Three kids making Ys Monster 2 : "Ohh! Fine Y."
Monster doing flap move animation Monster 1 : "It's time for the flap. You watch me do it, then it's your turn. Flap your arms like a bird."

Monster 1 : "There. Now you do it."

  Nobody does the flap and the monsters say nothing.
Monster doing spin move animation Monster 2 : "I sure do love to do the spin. First you watch me do it, then you give it a whirl. Stick your arms out, and spin around like a top"

Monster 2 : "Your turn."

Three kids spin on rugs Monster 1 : "Hey you there on the green rug, you're doin' great!"

Monster 2 : "Hey you there on the red rug, you dance like a pro!"

  Music picks up.

Room: "Now that you know the monster moves, see if they can catch your grooves. The monsters will be able to copy if you do the moves, but don't be sloppy."

Room: "Try one of the moves you learned."

Girl spins on red rug Blue monster spins and says, "Super spin!"
Kid on the green rug does a crouch. Brown monster says, "Great crouch!" and does a crouch.
Kid on the green rug does some flaps. Brown monster says, "Awesome flaps." and does some flaps.
Nobody does anything. Hint: "Try a flap, spin, Y, or crouch."
Kid makes a Y move Blue monster says, "Fine Y."
Kid dances doing a disco move Music becomes loud and fast.

Room: "Now it's time to do your own dance. Let's see you dance and boogie all around the room!"

Three kids dance around the room Various monsters give kudos.

"All right!" "Sweet." "That's so funky."

"Congratulations." "Feel the groove."

"Shake that funky thing."

The music abruptly ends. Mom: "I told you kids to go to bed, and mean business."

One kid not on bed Monster 1 : "Hey y'all, let's get quiet, and next time you come back, we'll have a rocking good time."

Mom: "I'm not fooling around. Get on that bed. All of you!"

Kids on bed in darkened room Everyone's back on the bed.

Monsters: "Take it easy! Bye bye!"

Transition from forest back to bedroom Room: "Thanks for our MonsterLand visit with you. We've enjoyed this wild dream, and we trust you did too."
Kids exit the room Exit music begins as lights come up.
Image of the bedroom video wall THE END

QuickTime movie with sound of MonsterLand world.


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