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M.I.T Media Laboratory Perceptual Computing Section Technical Report No. 451 451To appear of 1998 IVC Submission: edited version of FG'98

Christopher R. Wren, Alex P. Pentland

DYNAMAN: A Recursive Model of Human Motion

MIT Media Laboratory; 20 Ames Street; Cambridge MA 02139 USA
{cwren, sandy}


This paper describes a real-time, fully-dynamic, 3-D person tracking system that is able to tolerate full (temporary) occlusions and whose performance is substantially unaffected by the presence of multiple people. The framework provides a mathematically concise formulation for incorporating a wide variety of physical constraints and probabilistic influences. The framework takes the form of a recursive filter that enables pixel-level, probabilistic processes to take advantage of the contextual knowledge encoded in the higher-level models. Results are shown that demonstrate both qualitative and quantitative gains in tracking performance.