PLEASE NOTE: As of December 2002, this database is no longer maintained, but is only available "as is."
Welcome to the Vision Texture homepage. The VisTex database is a collection of texture images. The database was created with the intention of providing a large set of high quality textures for computer vision applications. In particular, the set was made as an alternative to the Brodatz texture library, which is not freely available for research use.

Unlike other texture collections, the images in VisTex do not conform to rigid frontal plane perspectives and studio lighting conditions. The goal of VisTex is to provide texture images that are representative of real world conditions. While VisTex can serve as a replacement for traditional texture collections, it includes examples of many non-traditional textures. The database has 4 main components:

Running VisTex at the Media Lab:

The Vision Texture database should be available from any machine in the lab that can run Photobook. To start VisTex run:


Obtaining the Database

The database is available from the Media Lab. The reference textures, texture scenes, and video textures are available separately. Click here to find out more about downloading VisTex.

About the Vision Texture Database

You may also be interested in Guy Smith's MeasTex database.

Providing Feedback

As of December 2002, please note that this database is no longer maintained, but is only available "as is."
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