The VisMouse

VisMouse is VisMod's reluctant mascot. Pictured here soon after capture, VisMouse stares defiantly into the camera.
VisMouse's Mug

VisMouse Database

As a service to the vision research community, we've compiled some QuickTime video segments of the mouse moving about its confines. We hope the following data sets provide a means of comparing results between the various groups working on Mouse Understanding.

The first file, vismouse1.mov, is a 2.5MB, 318 frame sequence showing the mouse from the side. Because of self-occlusion this sequence presents a challenge for those interested in estimation of 3-D mouse pose.

The second file, vismouse.01fps.mov, is an 2.7MB, 300 frame sequence showing the activity of the mouse over a period of about 5 minutes. Shot from above, it presents a dark mouse against a light background, and is ideal for those interested in mouse tracking, or remote rodent biometry .

VisMouse Epilogue

Soon after this video was collected, VisMouse was liberated by Valerie, of the Rodent Liberation Front. It was released to the questionably greener pastures of the east campus tennis courts. Luckily, no researchers were harmed during the violent rescue operation.

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