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SmartCams: Automatic TV Cameras

What is a SmartCam?

A SmartCam is a robotic TV camera which can operate without a cameraman, changing its attitude, zoom, and position to provide specific images upon verbal request from TV director.

How is a SmartCam supposed to work?

Like a TV camera(man). A TV director usually communicates with his cameramen in a TV studio using commands like ``Camera 3, ready for close-up of the chef"; or "More head-room.'' The instructions are brief and simple, and clearly understood in the context of the scene. After receiving a call, the cameraman looks for the appropriate subject, adjusts the framing, keeping it as good as possible while the camera is on air.

Who is working with SmartCams?

Prof. Aaron Bobick Claudio Pinhanez

Are there results available?

More technical info about SmartCams?

How to get more info?

For comments and suggestions, write to pinhanez@media.mit.edu

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