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The Follow up Phone call

The following questionnaire was orally administered over the phone to the accompanying adult approximately one week after the session. The results from all trials are summarized in italics directly beneath each question. The number of responses does not sum to twelve because presumably the accompanying adult did not know the answer or did not wish to respond.

Do you think your child remembers Tigger?

(6 yes, 1 hasn't mentioned it)

Do you think your child would play with a Tigger like that?

(1 yes, 1 pretend play, 2 only for a little while, 1 no)

Do you still think Tigger could teach your child something? What is it? Why do you think that is important to learn?

(1 imagination play, 2 not into stuffed animals, 1 no)

Do you think a toy like Tigger should be used in schools?

(1 yes to learn about feelings, 1 for younger children, 1 no)

Has your opinion of Tigger changed at all?

(2 it is a good idea, 1 the ears were too subtle but otherwise good, 1 too passive, 1 no)

Dana L Kirsch
Tue May 25 08:59:22 EDT 1999