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The Story Line for the Affective Tigger

This orange spot is Tigger's house. Can you put Tigger in his house?

Let's pretend that pink spot is Tigger's friend Piglet's house. Do you know who Piglet is? Can you show me how happy Tigger is to go visit Piglet at Piglet's house?

Can you tell me a story about how happy Tigger is? Why is he so happy to go visit Piglet? What do Tiggers do when they are happy? What happens when you pull his tail?

Now it is late. The sun has gone down. And it is time for Tigger to go home. But Tigger does not want to leave Piglet's house. Can you show me how a sad Tigger goes home? Tigger is very sad, isn't he? What other kinds of things make Tigger sad? Can you show me what a sad Tigger looks like? What happens when you pull his tail?

What would you do to make Tigger happy again? Can you tell Tigger a story that will make him happy? Can you show me what a happy Tigger looks like?

Dana L Kirsch
Tue May 25 08:59:22 EDT 1999