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Laboratory Procedures


1. Welcome

Show the guardian and child into the quiet room.
Set up the play set for the child to entertain him/herself with.

2. Consent forms

Read and explain consent forms to the guardian.
Extra consent forms are in my desk. Double check that it says MIT on the top.
If you have to write a new number in the corner pick one that is not used.
Remember to mention the follow-up phone call.
Stress to the guardian that neither they nor their child is being evaluated.
Nothing they or their child does is wrong.

3. Preliminary questions


4. Set up camera

Start filming, then call in the child.
Hand the Tigger to the parent.
Let the parent and child play with Tigger for at least 5 minutes.

5. Story line

Ask the parent to stand behind you while you engage the child with the story.
Allow the parent to intervene but continue to re-engage the child when possible.

6. Debrief

Leave the camera rolling for the debriefing but continue to write everything down.

7. Goodbye

Thank them and pay them.
Be courteous even if it didn't go well.

Dana L Kirsch
Tue May 25 08:59:22 EDT 1999