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The evaluation of the Affective Tigger project is two fold. First, does the toy qualify as emotionally reactive, that is, does he recognize emotionally laden cues from the playmate, and respond to the playmate with a recognizable expression of an emotion? The assessment of the Affective Tigger toy comes from the child's reaction to him. The child's reaction leads into the second component of the evaluation of the Affective Tigger project. This second component is an assessment of the teaching ability of the Affective Tigger. Can the child learn to recognize his expressions as a positive or negative reaction to her behavior? Can she generalize this knowledge to other people, is she demonstrating signs of a developing emotional intelligence? These questions are evaluated by and independent observer who rated the perceived level of emotional development of each child.

Dana L Kirsch
Tue May 25 08:59:22 EDT 1999