TR#511: Combining Audio and Video in Perceptive Spaces

Christopher R. Wren, Sumit Basu, Flavia Sparacino, Alex P. Pentland

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1st International Workshop on Managing Interactions in Smart Environments, December 13-14 1999, Dublin, Ireland

Virtual environments have great potential in applications such as entertainment, animation by example, design interface, information browsing, and even expressive performance. In this paper we describe an approach to unencumbered, natural interfaces called Perceptive Spaces with a particular focus on efforts to include true multi-modal interface: interfaces that attend to both the speech and gesture of the user. The spaces are unencumbered because they utilize passive sensors that don't require special clothing and large format displays that don't isolate the user from their environment. The spaces are natural because the open environment facilitates active participation. Several applications illustrate the expressive power of this approach, as well as the challenges associated with designing these interfaces.