Intel Performance Library Suite Information


The plsinfo.exe utility informs the user about the processor type and the installed libraries of the Intel Performance Library Suite. Currently the program detects the presence of the Signal Processing Library, the Image Processing Library, the Image Processing Primitives Library, the JPEG Library, and the Recognition Primitives Library. The information is shown in a Windows* message box and copied to the Windows clipboard. The program has no command line options.

When you invoke plsinfo.exe, it first tries to identify the processor of your system by using the processor-detection DLL, cpuinf32.dll. Then, the utility will search for the Performance Library Suite DLLs  just like any application that links to the DLLs. Thus, plsinfo.exe is a good tool for checking if the particular library is installed properly on your system.

Once a dispatch library is found, the library's dispatching algorithm will be executed. The dispatcher will first check if the registry key is defined, as outlined in the plregkey.htm file. If the key does not exist, then the build-in algorithm will be used to find the most appropriate DLL for the target system.

For example, if the utility loaded the SPLib dispatch DLL, nsp.dll, the dispatcher starts by searching the SPLib predefined registry key in the system registry.  In this case, the registry entry for Signal Processing Library is:

SOFTWARE\Intel Corporation\PLSuite\SPLib

The registry key used is USEDLL. The key value is a full path name of the processor-specific library, for example, "c\Program Files\Intel\Plsuite\bin\nspm6.dll".

If the registry key for the given library was not found, then the dispatcher uses the built-in algorithm to find the best available DLL for the target system. Anyway, the function GetLibVersion is called, and the result is displayed along with the name of the actual DLL used. This mechanism will be repeated for all the libraries in the Performance Library Suite.

The following is an example of the plsinfo.exe  program output:

CPU: Pentium(r) Pro, 199 MHz
LIB: nspp6.dll, Version 4.1 Beta Release, build Sep 30 1998
LIB: iplP6.dll, v2.01 Release, build Oct 1 1998
LIB: ippP6.Dll, v0.0 Alpha, build Oct 1 1998
LIB: IJL10.dll, 1.0.1 beta1, build Oct 4 1998

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