Intel® Performance Library Suite

PLRegKey utility for dispatcher override


    The plregkey application is a common utility for all the libraries in the Intel® Performance Library Suite. It creates an entry in the system registry and registers a full path name with it. This information is used by the DLL dispatcher to load the processor specific DLL library, override the default DLL library selection algorithm. This mechanism is most valuable for ISVs to test their application with different DLL implementation on a single test platform. For example, the ISV can test the blended code (px version of the library) on a Pentium-II processor by defining the appropriate registry key easily.

    How to use the plregkey?

    The registry entry created by the plregkey program for example for SPLib library is

    SOFTWARE\Intel Corporation\PLSuite\SPLib

    The registry key used is USEDLL. The key value is a full path name of the cpu-specific library, for example s:\bin\nspm6.dll.

    Command line to run the application is

    plregkey -Command LibID KeyName Value

Command is o[pen] or q[uery] or d[elete] or b[est]
LibID is a library identifier SPLib, IPLib, RPLib, IPPLib, IJLib
KeyName the name of the variable, only support USEDLL for now
Value is a value of the variable, use the full path of the DLL file

Here are some examples about how to use this utility.

To use a specific Image Processing Library DLL with full path name defined, override the default dispatch algorithm.

plregkey -o IPLib USEDLL L:\bin\iplp6.dll

To query the full path name of the current dispatcher setting for Signal Processing Library.

plregkey -q SPLib USEDLL

To deletes the current dispatcher setting, and use the default algorithm for Image Processing Library.

plregkey -d IPLib

To find the best processor specific DLL for this platform for Image Processing Primitives library.

plregkey -b IPPLib

User will be noticed if the library version that he is going to register is not compatible with the target cpu.

An example of the dialog during registration of the SPLib library is given below. Note that the library identifier and library file have different names for SPLib .

plregkey -o SPLib USEDLL s:\bin\nspp5.dll
"S:\BIN\NSPP5.DLL" has been assigned to "USEDLL"
Entry SOFTWARE\Intel Corporation\PLSuite\SPLib has been modified
** Note that the best library for your cpu is NSPP6.DLL

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