Travell Perkins

BS candidate in Computer Science/Electrical Engineering

Technical interests
Audio User Interfaces, speech recognition, data sharing, wearable computers, Network and Windows programming
Advisor: Sandy Pentland
Working with: Deb Roy and Thad Starner

Project Description

SoundWear is an AUI (Audio User Interface) developed for Windows 95/NT. It provides a natural computing environment for wearable computing that is unobtrusive and powerful. Most wearable computing systems are dependent on a GUI that is customized for desktop applications and not wearable computing. SoundWear gets around this problem by having it whole interface in the tactile and auditory domain. The only I/O that SoundWear uses is input from a Twiddler keyboard, audio I/O, and speech recognition.

Hanging with my best friend, cycling, chess, video games, and sci-fi movies
Washington, D.C.
A favorite book
Animal Farm
Most wishes to have dinner with
I'll get back to you guys when I figure it out.

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