Thesis Proposal Movies

Here are some QuickTime 4 movies that link from my thesis proposal:


(27.1MB/audio) Shows the various aspects of Swamped!. Michael Patrick Johnson narrates.
(6.4MB/audio) A subsequence of the above video that shows control and gesture recognition.


(6.0MB/no audio) Shows the Luxomatic system. The actual system runs much faster than shown here. But you get the idea.


(0.7MB/no audio) An animation depicting a parametric hidden Markov model with a one-dimensional parameterization on a two handed gesture indicating a quantity; as in "I caught a fish; it was this big." The parameter is the size of the fish.


(7.0MB/no audio) The Seagull performance animation system.

Natural Gesture

(11.6MB/audio) 1. Annotated sequence: A clip of the original video used in the natural gesture coding system experiments. Red annotations are determined manually, blue annotations are derived by the system. R = rest state, T = transition, S = stroke.
(6.9MB/audio) 2. Coding Example: Fixed rate sequence. The same sequence showing only every 10th frame.
(6.8MB/audio) 3. Coding Example: Variable rate, manually annotated sequence. The same number of frames, chosen with respect to manual annotation to code triphasic (iconic) gestures richly.
(6.8MB/audio) 4. Coding Example: Variable rate, automatically annotated sequence. The same, but now with automatic selection of frames derived from automatic gesture classification.

Watch and Learn

(5.1MB/audio) View from the camera while Watch and Learn learns a simple conducting gesture.
(7.8MB/audio) GUI view from the same session, showing appearance models, gamma traces (blue) and prior probabilities from the score (red).

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