Peter Yao

M.Eng candidate in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering

Research interests
Motion Vision, Image Segmentation

Advisor: Aaron Bobick

S.B. Computer Science and Electrical Engineering
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1995

Strategic Connections, Partner (May 95-present)
Writing Web pages for customer all over the country. Look at The Parents, Educators, and Publishers for one in development.

Acuity Imaging, Software Testing and Development (Summer '94)
Learning about some industrial applications of machine vision.

Research Description

I'm interested in motion tracking and estimation. My current project attempts to take advantage of motion estimations to stabalize different regions of an image sequence. With an accurate estimation and stabalization, enhancement can be performed by simply applying a temporal median filter.

coxing for the MIT crew, graphic design, taking some music classes, here at MIT...

Norwalk, CT

A favorite book
Le Petite Prince

Most wishes to have dinner with
My Mother's mother

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