Michael Sokolov

Current title: Senior Software Engineer

Charles View Software
1320 Centre Street
Newton, MA 02159
Research/Job interests
I am interested in the use of computers to promulgate new forms of communication and expression.

Vismod Advisor: Ted Adelson

MIT MS Vis. Stud, 1990
Harvard BA Physics, 1986

Senior Software Engineer, Charles View Software, Inc. Member of Technical Staff, Ontos, Inc
Design Engineer, Montage Group

Current project

At Charles View, I have worked on a variety of software projects mostly involving user interface design. We provide, among other services, internationalization support for other software companies seeking to expand into global markets. This affords us the opportunity to work on a wide variety of different kinds of software, all involving some user interface component.

Research at Vismod

While in what was then the "Vision Sciences Group" at the Media Lab, I worked on the analysis of visual motion.

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