Phil Smythe

Research Affiliate from BT Laboratories

Appt 11-2c
100 Memorial Drive
Cambridge, MA
Research interests
I am interested in how to support people who want to carry out concurrent tasks in real and virtual environments. To achieve this I am looking at ways of producing represenations of people which have a degree of autonomy. The work forms part of a part time Ph.D which I am studying for at Nottingham University.

Designing and Evaluating User Interfaces at BT Laboratories since 1990
MSc. in Work Design and Ergonomics, Birmingham University, 1990
BA in Psychology, Liverpool University, 1989

Current project

I am learning the character behaviour modelling details of the Alive system at the moment. I then hope to build a graphical user interface to allow the behaviour patterns of the character to be modified at run-time.

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