Chris Perry

Current title: Visual Effects Programmer

Rhythm & Hues Studios
910 North Sycamore Ave
Hollywood, CA 90038
Research/Job interests
I am interested in how computers fit into the visual entertainment industry. Some topics that of specific interest include: animation techniques, modeling and simulating natural phenomena, procedural texturing and modeling, motion blur, and combining live action with synthetic imagery.

Vismod Advisor: Rosalind Picard

M.S. in Media Arts and Sciences, MIT 1994
B.A in Physics and Astronomy, Amherst College 1992

Current project

Learning the ropes of production support programming.


Synthesizing Flames and their Spreading
C. Perry and R. Picard
Proceedings of the 5th Eurographics Workshop on Animation and Simulation, Oslo, Norway, September 1994.

Research at Vismod

Fire synthesis (MS thesis and the above paper appear as Vismod/Percom tech reports).

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