Logos Second International Conference on Automatic Face and Gesture Recognition '96

Oct 13-16, 1996, Killington, Vermont, USA

In Cooperation with IEEE Computer Society and the PAMI TC

Schedule for FG 96 (Tentative)

Time Description
Sunday October 13, 1996
8:00pm - 10:00pm SETUP of POSTERS and DEMOS.
List of Posters
List of Demos
6:00pm - 7:00pm Registration & Welcome Reception
Monday October 14, 1996
7:30am - 8:30am Breakfast
8:30am - 8:40am Welcome
Irfan Essa, Alex Pentland
8:40am - 9:40am Invited Speaker
David Stork / Ricoh CRC & Stanford University
Session Chair: Alex Pentland / MIT Media Lab
Title: Speechreading: An overview of image processing, feature extraction, sensory integration and pattern recognition techniques
by David G. Stork and Marcus E. Hennecke
9:40am - 10:00am Coffee/Tea/Drinks Break
10:00am- 11:20am Paper Session #1
Session Chair: Martin Bichsel / U of Zurich
Session Name: Facial Analysis

Manifold Caricatures: On the Psychological Consistency of Computer Face Recognition
Nicholas Costen, Ian Craw, Takashi Kato, Graham Robertson, Shigeru Akamatsu
ATR Human Information Processing Laboratory / JAPAN

Face Distinctiveness in Recognition Across Viewpoint: An Analysis of the Statistical Structure of Face Spaces
Alice O'Toole, Shimon Edelman
University of Texas at Dallas / USA

A Probabilistic Framework for Perceptual Grouping of Features for Human Face Detection
Kin Choong Yow, Roberto Cipolla
University of Cambridge / UK

Learning Novel Views to a Single Face Image
Thomas Vetter
Max-Planck-Institut fur biologische Kybernetik / GERMANY

11:20am- 12:00noon Invited Speaker
Thomas Huang / UIUC
Session Chair: Irfan Essa / MIT & Georgia Tech
Title: Gestural Interface to a Visual Computing Environment for Molecular Biologists
Vladimir I. Pavlovic, Rajeev Sharma, Thomas S. Huang
12:00noon - 1:15pm Lunch
1:15pm - 2:15pm Paper Session #2
Chair: Aaron Bobick / MIT Media Lab
Session Name: Tracking Articulated Objects

Cardboard People: A Parameterized Model of Articulated Image Motion
Shanon X. Ju, Michael J. Black, Yaser Yacoob
University of Toronto / CANADA

Recognizing Articulated Objects with Integration by Parts
Davi Geiger, Tyng-Luh Liu
Courant Institute, New Your University / USA

Pfinder: Real-Time Tracking of the Human Body
Christopher Wren, Ali Azarbayejani, Trevor Darrell, Alex Pentland
MIT Media Lab., Perpetual Computing Section / USA

2:15pm - 3:15pm Panel Session #1
Title: Human Computer Interfaces and Computational Perception - vision, touch, speech.
Moderators: Larry Davis / U of Maryland & Irfan Essa / Georgia Tech
3:15pm - 4:40pm Posters and Demos Session / Coffee Break
4:40pm - 6:00pm Paper Session #3
Chair: John Weng / Michigan State University
Session Name: Dynamics & Learning for Gesture Interpretation

Dynamical System Representation, Generation, and Recognition of Basic Oscillatory Motion Gestures
Charles J. Cohen, Lynn Conway, Dan Koditschek
University of Michigan / USA

Recovering the Temporal Structure of Natural Gesture
Andrew Wilson, Aaron F. Bobick, Justine Cassell
MIT Media Lab, Perpetual Computing Section

A Proposal of Pattern Space Trajectory for Gesture Spotting Recognition
Shigeki Nagaya, Susumu Seki, Ryuichi Oka
Tsukuba Research Center / JAPAN

Inductive Learning in Hand Pose Recognition
Francis Quek, Meide Zhao
Vision Interfaces and Systems Lab. (VISLab) / USA

7:30pm - 9:30pm Dinner
Tuesday October 15, 1996
7:30am - 8:30am Breakfast
8:30am - 8:40am Information
Irfan Essa
8:40am - 9:40am Invited Speakers
Justine Cassell/MIT Media Lab & David McNeill/U of Chicago
Session Chair: Irfan Essa / MIT & Georgia Tech
Title: What you need to know about spontaneous gesture, and why you need to know it
9:40am - 10:00am Coffee/Tea/Drinks Break
10:00am- 11:20am Paper Session #4
Chair: TBA
Session Name: Systems for HCI

Multi-Modal System for Locating Heads and Faces
Hans Peter Graf, Eric Cosatto, Dave Gibbon, Michael Kocheisen, Eric Petajan
AT&T Bell Laboratories / USA

Understanding Manipulation in Video
Matthew Brand
MIT Media Lab / USA

Computer Vision for Computer Games
William T. Freeman, K. Tanaka, J. Ohta, K. Kyuma
Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories, Inc. / USA

Coordination of Perceptual Processes for Computer Mediated Communication
Joelle Coutaz, Francois Berard, James Crowley

11:20am- 12:00noon Invited Speaker
Alex Pentland / MIT Media Lab
Session Chair: Irfan Essa MIT & Georgia Tech
Title: Trends in Understanding and Perception of Humans.
12:00noon - 1:15pm Lunch
1:15pm - 2:15pm Paper Session #5
Chair: Shimon Edelman / Weizmann Institute
Session Name: Facial Analysis and Synthesis

Example-Based Image Analysis and Synthesis for Faces
Tony Ezzat, Tomaso Poggio
MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory / USA

Eigen-Points: Control-Point Location using Principal Component Analyses
Michele Covell, Christoph Bregler
Interval Research Corporation / USA

Automatic Interpolation and Recognition of Face Images by Morphing
Martin Bichsel
University of Zurich / SWITZERLAND

2:15pm - 3:15pm Panel Session #2
Title: Face Recognition: Where are we now and where are we going?
Moderator: Jonathon Philips / US Army Research Laboratories
Rama Chellappa / U. of Maryland
Alex Pentland / MIT
Chris Taylor / U. of Manchester
3:15pm - 4:40pm Posters and Demos Session / Coffee Break
4:40pm - 6:00pm Paper Session #6
Chair: Kenji Mase / ATR
Session Name: Deformable Models and Gesture Recognition

Towards 3D Hand Tracking Using a Deformable Model
Tony Heap, David Hogg
University of Leeds / UK

Deformable Model-based Face Shape and Motion Estimation
Dimitri Metaxas, Douglas DeCarlo
University of Pennsylvania / USA

Toward the use of Gesture in Traditional User Interfaces
Rick Kjeldsen, John Kender
IBM T.J. Watson Research Center / USA

Invariant Features for 3D Gesture Recognition
Lee Campbell, David A. Becker, Ali Azarbayejani, Aaron F. Bobick, Alex Pentland
MIT Media Laboratory, Perceptual Computing Section. / USA

7:30pm - 9:30pm Conference Banguet
Wednesday October 16, 1996
7:30am - 8:30am Breakfast
8:40am - 10:00am Paper Session #7
Chair: Chris Taylor / Manchester U/
Session Name: Face and Gesture Classification, Tracking and Recognition

Face and Hand Gesture Recognition Using Hybrid Classifiers
Harry Wechsler, Srinivas Gutta, Jeffrey Huang, Ibrahim F. Imam
George Mason University / USA

Robust Classification of Hand Postures Against Complex Backgrounds
Jochen Triesch, Christoph von der Malsburg
Ruhr-Universitat Bochum / GERMANY

Tracking and Learning Graphs and Pose on Image Sequences of Faces
Thomas Maurer, Christoph von der Malsburg
Ruhr-Universitat Bochum / GERMANY

Comparison of Visible and Infra-Red Imagery for Face Recognition
Joseph Wilder, P. Jonathon Phillips, Cunhong Jiang, Stephen Wiener
Rutgers University / USA

10:00am - 10:15am Coffee/Tea/Drinks Break
10:15am- 11:15noon Panel Session # 3
Moderator: Peter Stucki / U of Zurich
Title: Better Frameworks for Face and Gesture Recognition
Participants: TBA
11:15am - 12:15am Paper Session #8
Chair: Harry Wechsler, George Mason U
Session Name: Face Detection & Recognition

Discriminant Analysis and Eigenspace Partition Tree for Face and Object Recognition from Views
John J. Weng, Daniel L. Swets
Michigan State University/ USA

Information Theoretic View-Based and Modular Face Detection
Michael S. Lew
Leiden University / NETHERLANDS

Locating Faces Using Statistical Feature Detectors
T.F. Cootes, C.J. Taylor
University of Manchester / UK

12:20noon - 1:30pm Closing & Lunch

List of Posters

Poster # Paper Title
Organization of First/Contact Author
POSTER Session #1: Monday October 15, 1996 3:15pm - 4:40pm
P-01 Edge and Keypoint Detection in Facial Regions
GSF-Institut fur Medizinische Informatik und Systemforschung / GERMANY
R. Herpers, M. Michaelis, K.H. Lichtenauer, G. Sommer
P-02 Visual Filters for Face Recognition
George Mason University / USA
Barnabas Takacs, Harry Wechsler
P-03 Toward Unconstrained Face Recognition from Image Sequences
University of Sussex at Brighton / UK
A. Jonathan Howell, Hilary Buxton
P-04 Facial Feature Location in Image Sequences Using Neural Networks
Delft University of Technology / NETHERLANDS
Marcel Reinders, R.W.C. Koch, J.J. Gerbrands
P-05 Segmentation and Tracking of Faces in Color Images
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki / GREECE
Karin Sobottka, Ioannis Pitas
P-06 Computing 3-D Head Orientation from a Monocular Image Sequence
University of Maryland at College Park / USA
Thanarat Horprasert, Yaser Yacoob, Larry S. Davis
P-07 Detection of Human Faces Using Decision Trees
George Mason University / USA
Harry Wechslerm, Srinivas Gutta, Jeffrey Huang
P-08 Happy Patrons Make Better Tippers: Creating a Robot Waiter Using Perseus and the Animate Agent Architecture
University of Chicago / USA
David Franklin, Roger E. Kahn, Michael J. Swain, R. James Firby
P-09 Hand Sign Recognition from Intensity Image Sequences with Complex Backgrounds
Michigan State University / USA
John J. Weng, Yuntao Cui
P-10 An Investigation into Face Pose Distributions
Queen Mary and Westfield College London / UK
Shaogang Gong, Stephen McKenna, John J. Collins
P-11 Tracking Faces
Queen Mary and Westfield College, London / UK
Stephen McKenna, Shaogang Gong
P-12 Adaptive Automatic Facial Feature Segmentation
University of London / UK
Hasan Demirel, Thomas J. Clarke, Peter Y.K. Cheung
P-13 LISTEN: A System for Locating and Tracking Individual Speakers
Groupe Techniques Neuromimetiques pour les Telecommunications / FRANCE
Michel Collobert, R. Feraud, G. Le Tourneur, O. Bernier, J.E. Viallet, Y. Mahieux, D. Collobert
P-14 Recognition of Social Dancing from Auditory and Visual Information
Osaka University / JAPAN
Koh Kakusho, Noboru Babaguchi, Tadahiro Kitahashi
P-15 Detection of Human Faces under Scale, Orientation and Viewpoint Variations
University of Cambridge / UK
Kin Choong Yow, Roberto Cipolla
POSTER Session #2: Tuesday October 16, 1996 3:15pm - 4:40pm
P-16 From 2D Images to 3D Face Geometry
INRIA Rocquencourt / FRANCE
Richard Lengagne, Jean-Philippe Tarel, Olivier Monga
P-17 Maximum Likelihood Face Detection
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign / USA
Antonio J. Colmenarez, Thomas S. Huang
P-18 Finding Skin In Color Images
IBM T.J. Watson Research Center / USA
Rick Kjeldsen, John Kender
P-19 Spotting Recognition of Human Gestures from Time-Varying Images
Tsukuba Research Center / JAPAN
Takuichi Nishimura, Ryuichi Oka
P-20 Real-Time Hand -Arm Movement Analysis Using a Single Video Camera
Aachen University of Technology / GERMANY
Hermann Hienz, Kirsti Grobel, Georg Offner
P-21 Statistical Models of Face Images: Recent Advances
University of Manchester / UK
G.J. Edwards, A. Lanitis, C.J. Taylor, T.F. Cootes
P-22 Face Detection Using Local Maxima
University of Leiden / NETHERLANDS
Roel Hoogenboom, Michael Lew
P-23 Real-Time Facial Motion Analysis for Virtual Teleconferencing
BT Laboratories / UK
David Machin
P-24 Face and Facial Feature Extraction from Color Image
Osaka University / JAPAN
Haiyuan Wu, Taro Yokoyama, Dadet Pramadihanto, Masahiko Yachida
P-25 Real-Time Visual Recognition of Facial Gestures for Human Computer Interaction
University of Wollongong / AUSTRALIA
Alexander Zelinsky, Jochen Heinzmann
P-26 Robust Face Feature Analysis for Automatic Speechreading & Character Animation
Bell Laboratories / USA
Eric Petajan, Hans Peter Graf
P-27 Automatic Spoken Affect Analysis and Classification
MIT Media Laboratory, Perceptual Computing Section / USA
Deb Roy, Alex Pentland
P-28 Visual Interaction With Lifelike Characters
Vision Technology Group, Microsoft Corporation / USA
Matthew Turk
P-29 Pose Initialization via Non-Parametric Estimation Techniques
MIT Department of Electrical Engineering / USA
Sourabh Niyogi, William T. Freeman
P-30 Toward Robust Skin Identification in Video Images
University of Delaware/A.I. duPont Institute / USA
David Saxe, Richard Foulds

List of Demos

Soon to be determined
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