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How you can help

Internet football fans have been a great help on this project so far. There are currently two ways ways you can help.

  • Formation Labeling (currently disabled). We are slowly acquiring a database of annotated formation images. View an image of a formation and select the appropriate names.

  • Play labeling (in testing ... send feedback). We are in need of a database of example plays where all player actions are labeled. If this data becomes available it will make testing our algorithms and developing new ones significantly easier. We have written a Java application that makes it possible for football fans on the Internet to help us with the annotation task. The theory: if many people do a little bit of labeling the job acquiring a database should be easy and even fun. Sound cool? Check it out and let us know if you experience any problems, then check back in a couple weeks and perform the labeling for real!

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Last modified: April 06, 1999