4.1.8 Clarity of signal during slow, legato passages correlates with experience

In general, the studentsí EMG signals lost clarity as the tempo slowed or when the character of the music became more sustained. The definition of their beat signals was almost entirely lost in legato135 or slow music. In faster, more accented music, the beat envelopes became much clearer. For S1, legato gestures in the right biceps gradually became mushy after a few accented beats, beginning at sample 1200, below:

Figure 33. Gradual decrease in clarity of beat signal during legato passage

Similarly, for subject S2, the clarity of beats decreased in slow music, as demonstrated below in Figure 34:

Figure 34. Indistinct beats during a slow passage from subject S2

Conversely, the same phenomenon was not prevalent in P3ís signals -- during legato passages, P3ís beats were still clearly distinguishable. The envelopes of legato beats did not rise exponentially, however, as in staccato passages. For example, P3ís right biceps signal during a legato passage of the Love Theme from "Titanic" demonstrate the clear, characteristic peaks of a beat gesture:

Figure 35. P3ís right biceps signal during a legato passage



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